The care of suede shoes with Burgol

The care of suede shoes with Burgol

Suede shoes have something casual, less formal and natural. Nevertheless, they are elegant and therefore perfectly suited for a variety of occasions. Due to the way they are manufactured, these shoes should be left at home in bad weather conditions, because dirt can easily get into the upper leather through the open pores and thus shoe care is made considerably more difficult. No matter if you want to follow this recommendation or not, the Burgol Suede Velours Care supports optimally the preservation of your suede shoes.

Suede leather is obtained by sanding the skin to be processed on the grain or flesh side in order to achieve a certain roughness. The term "nubuck" often refers even more specifically to firm calf or cowhide leather, where the roughening takes place exclusively from the grain side, i.e. the outside. Nubuck is velvety and very noble.

The Suede Velours Care by Burgol bears its name for the reasons described above and can be used without restriction for all types of suede shoes, with or without Tex membrane, but not for smooth leather! There is a choice of 8 colours and a colourless version, each in plastic bottles containing 100 ml of liquid. Accordingly, the typical propellant gas used by other manufacturers for spraying bottles is not used, which means that there is no aerosol harmful to breathing air. It can therefore be used comfortably indoors. Burgol Suede Velours Care moisturises the leather and keeps it supple. In addition, it has an impregnating effect.

The complete nubuck rough leather care from Burgol

Because of the sponge applicator on the head of the bottle, application, dosage and distribution are child's play: Simply shake well, press on the upper leather, then distribute evenly over the entire suede shoe. As soon as the sponge becomes too dry, press again. Afterwards, the fine pile must of course be raised again, for which a suede leather brush with bronze wire, not brass wire(!), is recommended. Before such a shoe care is started, a crepe brush is used for dusting and light soiling. Stubborn dirt can be removed with the Burgol shoe cleaner.


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