The Burgol Suede Brushes

Die Burgol Raulederbürsten

The Suede Brush for all suede leathers

This special care brush from Burgol has been completely made in Germany for rough, wild, nubuck and suede leather. Burgol's Suede Brush removes dust and gives your shoes a neat appearance. It is tufted with bronze wire to ensure thorough but gentle cleaning of the upper leather. Ordinary brass wire brushes are very aggressive, i. e. only suitable for coarse suede leather, e. g. for hiking shoes. The outer edge of the Burgol Suede Brush are black plastic bristles.

  • Gentle cleaning with bronze wire
  • Brush body made of domestic beech wood
  • Length 180 mm

The Burgol Crepe Brush

The new Burgol Crepe Brush is used to remove greasy spots and remove surface soiling on shoes made of nubuck, rough, wild and suede leather. The suede leather Crepe Brush from Burgol is the ideal shoe care tool for the daily care of suede shoes or as a companion for well-kept shoes when travelling. It is manufactured entirely in Germany.

  • Complements suede velour brushes optimally
  • The travel companion for well-kept shoes
  • Brush body made of domestic beech wood
  • 160 x 45 mm

Application video (only de)

The right combination is decisive: If crepe and suede leather brushes are used with Burgol Suede Velours Care, the same beautiful results as shown in the video can be achieved for every suede shoe.

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