The Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream

Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream

Shoe Pomade – the shoe cream from Burgol

The Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream provides intensive colour refreshment and deep leather care.

It offers all the advantages of a high-quality emulsion cream and is ideally complemented by Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax. The Shoe Pomade Cream contains the finest natural colour pigments, natural waxes and naturally moisturising oils. These give the Shoe Pomade Cream its unique character and a noble, silky shine. It is available in 14 colours and colourless (see colour chart Shoe Pomade Cream).

In autumn 2009 Rainer Ersfeld developed the Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream in collaboration with a laboratory in Germany and a factory in France. After a 16-month test phase with several professional shoe polishers, retailers and many tests, it was launched at the beginning of 2011. Countless shoes have been cared for with the Shoe Pomade Cream in recent years.

  • Refreshes the colours
  • Nourishes and cares for the leather
  • Gives a silky shine
  • With natural ingredients
  • 100 millilitre capacity
  • Glass jar with screw cap
  • 14 colours to choose from - black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, hazelnut, chestnut, cognac, bordeaux, blue, red, green, grey, beige, opaque white - plus colourless (Colour Chart)


Apply the Shoe Pomade Cream thinly with a Burgol Jar Brush - true to the motto "less is more". Then smooth the surface with a cotton cloth.

After a few minutes, the upper leather of your shoes can be polished with a horse hair brush from Burgol. We recommend using a horse hair brush with a visible hair length of 22 or 30 millimetres. Burgol shoe wax is used for high gloss, protection and impregnation after the Shoe Pomade Cream.


The finest shine is obtained after polishing with the horse hair brush by using a fine polishing brush, such as a yak hair brush or goat hair brush.

Burgol's Shoe Pomade Cream is available from all Burgol premium dealers or from and

Application videos (only de)

A grey sneaker with the matching Premium Shoe Pomade Cream was creamed on top. The Burgol Crucible Brush is an important utensil
Bottom, a welted men's shoe from Dinkelacker is now cleaned with Burgol leather milk and given a medium-brown shoe pomade. Burgol Jar Brush in the Brush Caddy and both Polishing Cloths are used for application and polishing.
Both shows the many possibilities of our premium Shoe Pomade Cream, which is available in 14 colours and colourless.

After extensive cleaning, the white golf sneaker at the bottom now needs leather care and colour refreshment. We don't want to create a shine - as is usual with elegant men's shoes - but limit ourselves to a matt one that is more suitable for everyday use as well as for sporty shoes.

The right product for this is the Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream, which meets all the above requirements. It is applied with a Jar Brush and finally massaged in with a polishing cloth "Super Gloss" and quasi polished out.

At the beginning you clean such a golf sneaker thoroughly with a sneakers cleaner or the Burgol Shoe Cleaner. After drying, use Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream in opaque white. This is, as the name says, brilliant white as well as opaque.

For application, use the already marked Burgol Jar Brush. Please be sure to use a particularly clean or new crucible brush. After rubbing in the Shoe Pomade Cream, use a cloth, e.g. the Super Gloss polishing cloth, to smooth the Shoe Pomade Cream on the white shoe shaft. A smooth surface shines and absorbs less dirt.

For individual shoe care with the Burgol Premium Shoe Pomade there are 14 colours to choose from, plus a colourless version.

The Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream is available in 14 colours plus colourless.


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