Shoe polishing and shoe shine with the Shoe Polishing Wax

Shoe polishing and shoe shine with Shoe Polishing Wax

Noble leather shoes for the lady and the gentleman are today from a occupation in the service sector more inconceivable without. In addition, high-quality, well-groomed smooth leather shoes also impress in the private sector without a doubt. They are thus gladly seen on birthday celebrations, weddings, with business occasions, on ceremonies etc.. But what good are they if they are seen as being frequently used? Stains caused by moisture or dust, small scratches, crooked heels, all such disturbances of the perfect shoe appearance inevitably fall back on the wearer. In order to avoid or remove such traces, a hard shoe polish such as Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax is recommended.

Regardless of whether the classic black men's shoe or a special red women's shoe is to be cared for, the Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax ranges from black to three different tones of brown to Bordeaux, grey, blue, red and green. In addition, a colourless variant is also available if there are corresponding uncertainties. The only important thing is that this shoe care product was developed exclusively for smooth leather and must always be tried out on a concealed part of the shoe, such as the tongue, in order to avoid any unforeseeable colour effects.

The filling quantity of 100 ml in the metal can is sufficient for many shoe pairs or shoe polish procedures, because the high-quality ingredients interact very effectively. For example, polishing or shoe polishing cloths or special application brushes offer possibilities for application.

What do I need to polish my shoes and where does the Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax fit into? Well, first of all dust and other light soiling have to be removed from the shoe, which is typically done with a horsehair dust brush. In the case of coarse dirt and stubborn stains, the shoe is wiped with a damp cloth or even a shoe cleaner is used. As soon as the shoe has been cleaned of impurities, the Shoe Polishing Wax is applied in a suitable colour to a concealed area, later over the entire surface and massaged in. After a contact time of approx. 10 to 15 minutes, the polish can finally be started to create a beautiful shine that will remain in your memory.

The hand-drawn fine polishing brushes made of goat or yak hair and the "Super Gloss" polishing cloth in 15 x 60 cm format specially developed for this task are particularly suitable for this purpose. With this shoe polishing cloth - wrapped around two or three fingers - even difficult polishes, such as a water gloss polish, can be achieved. It is best if the polishing cloth lies tightly on the fingers without wrinkles, then the circular movement over the upper leather can begin until the desired degree of shoe shine is achieved.

During this entire process, the balsamic turpentine oil contained in the Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax has a cleaning effect, impregnation and shoe shine are produced by carnauba wax, beeswax and other natural hard waxes.


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