Cordovan care in 5 colours + colourless

The right shoe cream for Cordovan shoes

You have bought a shoe polish, e.g. the Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream or the Shoe Polishing Wax. When trying on new shoes, the question inevitably arises as to whether all types of leather can be cared for equally. The answer is a clear "no"! The pile of suede shoes can stick with it, patent leather shoes can permanently lose their radiant shine, etc. Especially with shoes made of special leathers, it is essential to choose the right shoe care product in order not to permanently disturb their appearance or even cause damage to the upper leather. In the case of shoes made of Cordovan or horse leather, such mixed emulsion creams are ideal, which are tailored to the manufacturing process and the special properties of this leather.

One of the few is the Burgol Cordovan Cream Polish, which keeps the colours intense and the leather itself supple. It is offered in a beautiful 50 ml glass jar. The colour selection was based on the well-known manufacturers of Cordovan shoes, such as Heinrich Dinkelacker, Ludwig Reiter, Altwien, Carmina, Alden, Allen Edmonds, Trickers and Shoepassion. As a result, the Cordovan Cream Polish is available in black, three brown shades, Bordeaux and colourless. As with the Premium Shoe Pomade Cream, particularly handy jar brushes are suitable both for picking up pomades and for applying them.

The Burgol Cordovan Cream Polish in five colours and colourless

Because only a small part of horse leather, the croup, can be used for the production of Cordovan shoes, they are relatively rare and valuable for this reason alone. In addition, they have an extraordinary shine and a comfortable fit. So when it comes to shining shoes, it is advisable to have a sure instinct for such shoes.

Nevertheless, horsehair dust brushes can be used to remove surface impurities from Cordovan shoes. A gentle alternative would be, for example, the Premium Polishing Cloth. After cleaning, the brush is applied with a jar brush, initially over a small area for a first colour comparison. In the next step, the entire shoe is creamed in, but always according to the motto "less is more". If there is still a need for polishing with a fine polishing brush after a contact time of around 15 minutes and subsequent polishing, this procedure could simply be repeated. It would be much more difficult to compensate for colour distortions caused by too thick an application.


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