Gentle and effective shoe cleaning

Gentle and effective shoe care with the Shoe Cleaner

When it comes to the cleanliness of your valuable shoes, you should always proceed according to the principle: "As gently as possible, as strongly as necessary". This means that when shoes are used normally and slightly soiled, they can simply be prepared for subsequent shoe care by brushing off dust or superficial impurities. If such regular shoe cleaning is not sufficient because stains prove to be persistent or dirt has penetrated the upper leather with moisture, special shoe care products must be used in advance for intensive shoe cleaning, but they must not damage the leather.

First of all, the Burgol Leather Milk is recommended, which can also be used on small surfaces. If the desired cleaning result is not achieved, the Burgol Shoe Cleaner is needed.

It follows exactly the credo mentioned at the beginning, is suitable for exotic, smooth and suede leathers and can even score with its biodegradability. The glass bottle contains a generous 250 ml, which can be used sparingly and diluted with a sponge for wet shoe cleaning. In addition, this product, which was created by a master tanner and tested at the tanning school in Reutlingen, Germany, nourishes the leather during shoe washing and lastingly reduces sweat odour because it has an antibacterial effect.

Gentle and effective at the same time - the Burgol Shoe Cleaner

The Shoe Cleaner must not be used directly from the bottle, but must be diluted 1:1 to 2 with water. This is done conveniently in a washing bowl or similar container available in the household. The liquid can then be applied and rubbed in with a sponge or alternatively cloth, or with a brush if the dirt is very resistant. Then the treated shoe may rest for a while with the shoe tree in place. Please do not wipe the Shoe Cleaner beforehand. By the way, apply it consistently on the complete shoe, because otherwise ugly edges could appear.

These short instructions are not only valid for the outer upper leather, but can also be used for the inside of shoes. This helps especially when wearing without socks and makes the Shoe Cleaner also attractive for the washing of sandals in hot summer months.


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