Shoe care traditional and modern

Shoe care based on traditional recipes, optimized for today's requirements

In order to meet the ever-growing and increasingly complex requirements of shoe care, the range has been greatly expanded in recent years. For example, the successful Shoe Pomade Cream was added to the tried and tested shoe wax. The range of high-quality shoe brushes has been expanded and is still based in many aspects on very old craftsmanship. Examples include suede leather brushes on the one hand and hand drawn fine polishing brushes on the other.

The duo presented in the picture above, shows two of our most popular products: the Shoe Polishing Wax and the Leather Sole Oil.

The latter is offered in a 125 ml glass bottle, the brush useful for the application is optionally available. The Burgol Leather Sole Oil was developed by the master tanner and chemical engineer Adreas Ollert from Bavaria. After the test by the tanning school in Reutlingen it received the grade "Very good" as well as an expertise. The special mixture consists of six different vegetable and animal fats and oils whose task is to make the sole abrasion-resistant and waterproof and to preserve the original condition of the tanning agents.

The Burgol Leather Sole Oil in the 125 ml glass bottle

This shoe care product is aimed exclusively at the care of leather soles of sewn shoes. There is also a prominent reason for this: the highest stress when wearing a shoe is precisely there. Foot movements, pressure, small stones, asphalt, salt, heat, wetness - the sole of a shoe is permanently exposed to thousands of steps under a wide variety of conditions, which it must withstand. The wear is pre-programmed, but can be stopped or slowed down with the right shoe care product.

Burgol Leather Sole Oil keeps leather soles supple and flexible. It contains natural oils and fats, optimized at the pH value of vegetable tanned leather soles. The Burgol Leather Sole Oil thus has both an impregnating and hydrophobic effect. The bottom line is that the wear resistance of the sole is improved and the service life is demonstrably more than doubled. However, this only applies to continuous use. But what does that mean? It always depends on how often the respective pair of shoes is worn during the season. If the shoes are changed regularly, two or three times a year are sufficient. When using, please make sure that not even the smallest droplet reaches the upper leather. These stains can never be removed again.


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