Shoe brushes for every field of application

Shoe brushes for every field of application

In shoe care, the quality of the products used is important on the one hand, but on the other hand it is also important to use them for the right purposes. Fine polishing brushes have no effect on suede shoes and smooth leather is damaged if a shoe brush with metal wires is actually used to remove dust. Apart from these two extreme examples, there are a number of application areas or work steps for which one shoe brush is suitable, but another is not.

Shoe brushes for smooth leather shoes

Smooth leather shoes are probably the largest segment on the market for men's and women's shoes. For this reason there is a wide range of more or less useful brushes. Burgol follows a clear line here, namely to only include shoe brushes that have been tried and tested in practice.

The crucible brush is available to comfortably absorb shoe polishes from crucibles - e.g. the Premium shoe pomade or the Cordovan pomade. For canned goods such as shoe wax, the tried and tested application brush - sometimes also referred to as a frame brush or frame application brush - was once developed. The Burgol application brush fits the head length optimally to the diameter of conventional 100 ml cans. With these shoe brushes, the shoe polish is removed from the container and then applied to the shoe as sparingly and thinly as possible. The bristles can be washed out after shoe care. However, it is always advisable to use the same brush for each colour.

However, in order to be able to start applying shoe polish at all, a smooth leather shoe must first be freed from superficial impurities. This is done with a dust brush with a short hair length. Burgol offers a horsehair brush optimized for this process, made of non-slip, domestic beech wood with a hair length of 15 mm. This allows the leather to be cleaned in a definite way, but not too firmly, with swinging movements.

After brushing and applying a shoe polish, the polish is applied. In addition to horsehair polishing brushes, Burgol has also been offering truly unique items for years: The hand-drawn fine polishing brushes made of Viennese horse hair, pointer hair or optionally yak hair lie excellently in the hand, produce the highest shoe shine due to the extremely dense standing (7 rows) and very soft hair and lose virtually no hair. Furthermore, they last a lifetime!

The Burgol Jar Brushes

Suede Brushes for suede leather shoes

The fine pile of suede shoes requires above all two brushes: the crepe brush for removing dust and a suede brush for raising the fine hairs typical of this leather after applying Nubuk suede leather care. When brushing off and on, you can proceed calmly and vigorously. By the way, the Burgol crepe brush is based on artificial crepe, not natural crepe, because the latter is lightfast, i.e. begins to crumble quickly and would therefore only give you pleasure for a short time. With the suede leather brush, bronze wire is used instead of the conventional brass wire for comparable products, which is much more gentle on the pile.

The Dirt Brush for robust footwear

Boots, working shoes, mountain boots or hiking boots are subject to rough and other wearing conditions. We have responded to this with the Burgol Dirt Brush and added a shoe brush to our range which, with its pointed end of the wooden body, can remove stones and dirt from coarse sole profiles wonderfully and with its thick coconut fibres can remove even dried dirt encrustations from the leather. By the way, it is also suitable for various sports shoes, such as running shoes. Depending on the degree of soiling, the same area must be brushed off vigorously and several times.


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