Polishing cloths for highest standards

Polishing cloths for highest standards

At the request of our customers, we have taken up the issue of shoe cleaning cloths. No more lints, rough structure and wrong sizes.

Finest cloth, „Made in Germany“, which is normally used to make high-quality T-shirts, is our material.

  • Lint-free
  • Very fine structure
  • Elaborately manufactured in knitting process
  • Made in Germany
  • 100 % cotton
  • Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • Die Burgol Poliertücher sind zertifiziert nach dem OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Burgol Premium Polishing Cloth

Burgol Premium Poliertuch

With 40 x 40 centimeters it is the universal shoe polishing and cleaning cloth. It can be used wet or dry and is suitable for cleaning, repolishing, dusting and many shoe care tasks more.

  • Size 40 x 40 centimeters
  • Edges with looping seam

Polishing Cloth Super Gloss

Burgol Poliertuch Super Gloss

The optimal size for the winding technique around one or two fingers. Therefore, no disturbing cloth behind the fingers or in the hand during a water gloss polishing.

  • Size 60 x 15 centimeters
  • Edges with Zigzag cut

Video wrapping technique 1 (only de)

Video wrapping technique 2 (only de)

Video water gloss polishing (only de)

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