The Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes made in Germany

The Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes made in Germany

Today, only very few brush makers still master the traditional manual feeding of brushes. Years ago, Burgol was already able to locate such a workshop in an old 14th century monastery and convince people of the idea of a fine polishing brush. This was the birth of the top-class shoe brush par excellence, on which shoe shiners swear, but with which everyone can also create exquisite shoe shine.

The brush body has a non-slip shape and is made of domestic beech wood. The hair is pulled in, not stuck, turned or shot. They stand particularly densely in 7 instead of the usual 6 rows. The hair itself is of the highest quality, undyed as well as without admixture of other qualities and kinds and comes either from Viennese horse, cashmere goat or Hochlandyak. In the latter case, a reinforcing wreath of goat hair is placed around the particularly soft yak hair. Production takes place in Germany.

The Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes made of yak, goat or Viennese horse hair

But what are the advantages of all these technical details for practical shoe care? With each of these shoe brushes, the end consumer always gets a unique specimen that lasts a lifetime and can therefore be described as extremely sustainable. In addition, the completely retracted, extremely soft hair, almost completely armed against loss, ensures the best possible shoe shine!

A single Burgol fine polishing brush can be used for many thousands of pairs of shoes. Only wet cleaning or washing should be avoided, as this may allow moisture to penetrate the brush body and cause it to swell unattractive. But even then each fine polishing brush would still be fully operational. There are no other restrictions regarding the handling of the material.


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