The Burgol Leather Sole Oil

Burgol Ledersohlenöl

Long live the leather sole

No other leather on the shoe is as heavily strained as the sole leather. Constant movement, pressure, moisture, dirt and small stones add to the leather and cause wear and tear.

With the right care, our Leather Sole Oil, you care for leather soles, keep them flexible and increase their durability.

Burgol's sole oil is made from natural oils and fats, based on the pH value of vegetable-tanned leather soles. The Leather Sole Oil from Burgol is a care product for the impregnation of leather shoe soles. It increases the hydrophobicity, improves the flexibility of the shoe sole and maintains its suppleness. The wear resistance of the sole improves and has been proven to last more than twice as long.

  • Nourishes the leather sole
  • Keeps smooth and supple
  • Increases lifetime
  • 125 millilitres capacity
  • Glass bottle with screw cap
  • Optional: Brush

Application to care best for your leather soles

The use of the Leather Sole Oil is almost self-explanatory. However, some advice should be followed to ensure optimum sole care.

Before applying this Leather Sole Oil for the first time, slightly wear in (1-2 days is sufficient)the leather sole. Thus it is roughened up and the leather fibres become denser. Now apply the Leather Sole Oil, preferably with a brush, to the leather sole in one or two layers. It is recommended to leave out the direct sole edge area in order to avoid possible contamination of the upper leather. Allow the treated shoes to dry laterally on a plastic bag.

After about six months, depending on the frequency of wear and weather conditions, the next sole care should be carried out.

Please note!

Make sure to saturate the running surface of the leather soles with the sole oil, but do not soak it. Depending on the leather sole, one to two coats with a brush are sufficient. If you apply too much Leather Sole Oil, it can pull into the upper leather. The stains caused by Leather Sole Oil in or on the upper can no more be removed.
Even if youtreat the leather soles sufficiently with sole oil, it does not become a winter shoe. In wet and snow, wear different footwear. Even with regular care with Burgol Leather Sole Oil, the soles of shoes suffer from constant moisture and salt.

Application video (only in German)

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