The idea behind Burgol JUNIOR

The JUNIOR idea

Sneakers are ubiquitous. Nearly everyone has at least one or two pairs and depending on the material used for production as well as the design, such footwear now exists for practically any occasion, which at the beginning of this triumphal march was initially only a gymnastic or leisure shoe. Accordingly, the demand for specific shoe care products is constantly growing. According to the statements of interviewed sneaker wearers, the biggest problem for them in this context is still the initially so bright white areas of the upper leather or rubberized shoe tips and midsoles. In the course of time, black stripes and stains will appear, which are sometimes quite resistant to various methods of and products for shoe cleaning.

In addition, the shoe care industry, like others, is currently making many attempts to take account of environmental concerns and develop shoe care products with safe ingredients.

Out of these two considerations, the new sneaker care product White Cleaner was developed in cooperation with a Westphalian research group, which at the same time heralded the birth of the new product family "JUNIOR". The latter currently also includes the Burgol JUNIOR Microfibre Cloth and the functionally matching Sneaker Brush, which has been in the range of Burgol for some time.

These two items now complement the flagship JUNIOR White Cleaner in terms of removing dirt from the upper material to be treated and applying the sneaker cleaner to structured surfaces.

The JUNIOR White Cleaner then does the rest by sliding between the dirt and the surface of the shoe, creating a true "micro earthquake" with bubbles as small as 200 nanometres vibrating up to 8,000 times per second, which ultimately removes impurities of all kinds and prepares them for final wiping.

The following video shows how effective this new sneaker cleaner from Burgol is:

The White Cleaner is free of propellant gas, does not require labelling according to the CLP directive and has been rated "very good" by Dermatest®. Any questions? Find out more about this revolutionary product right here.

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