The Burgol Jar Brushes

Die Burgol Tiegelbürsten und der Burgol Bürstencaddy

Burgol Jar Brushes

The Burgol Jar Brush can be used as an application brush for applying hard wax cream from the tin can, as well as for shoe care with a shoe polish or, more precisely, an emulsion cream (Shoe Pomade Cream) from the glass jar.

After use, it is advisable to clean the Jar Brush from the excess shoe polish with a cloth so that the high-quality horsehair does not stick together.

Like all Burgol brushes, the Jar Brushes have also been developed in Germany and are manufactured in the Black Forest using domestic beech wood. Burgol's Jar Brushes are fitted with either light or black undyed horsehair.

For a safe and practical storage of the Burgol Jar Brushes we recommend the Burgol Brush Caddy.

The Jar Brushes are available from all well-assorted Burgol premium dealers or from the dealers on

Application video (only de)

Jar Brush is the name of the game. This brush is designed to easily take shoe cream from deeper containers such as glass jars. Of course, it is especially suitable for the Premium Shoe Pomade. The Jar Brush also makes it easy to apply the shoe polish to the shoe, as its round and compact design allows it to reach even angled areas.

Manufacturing video

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