Fresh shoe care with the Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream

Fresh shoe care with Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream

When shoes are worn they successively lose nutrients, e.g. through exposure to sunlight, moisture or contamination. In the course of time the colour may fade and the leather may appear matt and dull. Burgol's Premium Shoe Pomade Cream is the ideal shoe polish for dealing with both problems at the same time.

It is delivered in 100 ml jars, 14 colours are available - as well as a colourless version. Due to the relatively deep container, so-called crucible or similarly long brushes are suitable for application.

When the Premium Shoe Pomade Cream is unscrewed for the first time, a pleasant scent of beeswax emerges, which already announces the valuable ingredients. The shoe polish is then absorbed with a crucible brush and the shoe is completely but thinly coated with it. Normally, for the treatment of a shoe, the Shoe Pomade Cream must be removed from the crucible several times. After a short application time, the Premium Polishing Cloth or Super Gloss, in this case according to personal preference, is used. This is used to work the shoe polish into the leather and polish it, which gives the Shoe Pomade Cream a silky matt, very noble shine.


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