The Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes

Die Burgol Feinpolierbürsten

Brush making art by Burgol

All BURGOL brushes are made from domestic beech wood in Germany, so it is a handcrafted product "Made in Germany". For the hand-drawn Fine Polishing Brushes, the hair of highland yak and cashmere goat is used.

Dust and polishing brushes are made of strong, pure horsehair of the highest quality, undyed and without admixture of other qualities and types.

All Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes have 7-rows, which means that all Burgol Fine Polishing Brushes are extremely densely tufted. This alone distinguishes the Burgol brushes from those of most competitors. These 7-row brush woods are produced exclusively for Burgol brushes.

Burgol's Fine Polishing Brushes with their pure, undyed goat hair or - as an absolute premium version - yak hair are ideal to achieve a particularly elegant high shine.

In the latter case, goat hair is pulled in for the outer rim. This ensures an optimum footing of the yak hair and thus best suitability for high gloss polishing.

  • Yak-, goats, Viennese horsehair
  • Local beech wood
  • Tufted manually
  • Made in Germany
  • Size approx. 180 x 45 mm
  • 7 rows

These goat hair and yak hair brushes are a multi-generational shoe care tool because the longer they are used, the better you can polish with them. With a Fine Polishing Brush, which has been in use for a long time, a fine high gloss polish is achieved.

The shoe shine boy Peter Borggreve from Berlin has been using his Fine Polishing Brushes since 2004 and has polished about 40,000 pairs of shoes in the past 10 years. We therefore advise you never to wash the brushes.

When the hair of the Burgol brushes is completely watered, the hair can swell and then the brush wood can split. This may look unattractive, but it does not make the Fine Polishing Brushes unusable.

Burgol's Fine Polishing Brushes in all versions are available from dealers at or

Manufacturing video

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