The Burgol Leather Milk

Burgol Ledermilch

Leather Milk for gentle cleansing and deep care

Burgol Leather Milk has been developed for the care and cleaning of fine smooth and embossed leathers as well as braided leather. It is also used for impregnation, colour refreshment and preserving the suppleness of the leather. Just like a hand cream, Burgol Leather Milk protects the leather from drying out.

Our Leather Milk contains natural ingredients such as lanolin and is solvent-free.

  • Cares and nourishes smooth and embossed leather
  • For shoes and other leather articles
  • Colourless
  • 125 millilitres capacity


Apply a little Leather Milk to a clean lint-free cloth and massage it into the surface of shoes or other leather articles with gentle pressure. Leave to absorb for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess Leather Milk with a clean cloth or polish it if necessary. For leather goods that come into contact with clothing, please ensure that the excess Leather Milk is well absorbed and then properly rubbed off. Superfluous Leather Milk may otherwise leave stains on clothing.

Burgol's Leather Milk is available online from all dealers at and

Application videos (only de)

The Leather Milk is used in both videos for the gentle cleaning of the upper leather. It can be used to remove dirt and old shoe polish residues that would interfere with the result when fresh Shoe Pomade Cream or new Shoe Polishing Wax are applied later.

The covers for tablets have two main functions: They should protect the devices from dirt and, if dropped, from permanent damage to the display and worse. In addition, it is important to most people that these covers also look well-groomed. But which care product cleans them gently and sustainably? The Burgol Leather Milk, developed mainly for shoe care, fulfils exactly these requirements for other areas of leather care, too, - e.g. for tablet covers made of leather.

The Burgol Leather Milk was designed in principle for shoe care. Because it cleans very gently and also moves into the leather treated with it, however, its field of application is much larger, as is shown here on a calendar cover. This means, if used properly, that there is no risk of smearing.

Belts are items of daily use. Therefore, for their appearance should be taken care of regularly. Burgol Leather Milk helps, because it gently cleanses and nourishes the leather - here Shell-Cordovan.






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