The Burgol Brush Caddy

The Burgol Brush Caddy

The Burgol Brush Caddy and the 4 included Burgol Jar Brushes are all made of local beech wood. Like all Burgol brushes, the Caddy is also "made in Germany".

Der Burgol Bürstencaddy mit vier verschiedenen Farben der Burgol Schuhpomade auf Tiegelbürsten

It is easier to work if the tool is ready to hand and you do not have to look for the crucible brushes for a certain colour in a box or on the bottom of a shoe care box for a long time. Everything should be ready to hand, this was the motto for the Burgol Brush Caddy. Like the caddy when playing golf, the Burgol Brush Caddy always has the right Jar Brush ready for the optimum shoe care.

Der Burgol Bürstencaddy, hier im direkten Einsatz bei der Pflege von zweifarbigen Schuhen.

The Jar Brushes and the Brush Caddy are available from all well-assorted Burgol premium dealers or from the dealers on

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