Practical accessories, tested by shoe shine boys

Practical accessories, tested by shoe shine boys

Burgol wants its products to generate added value in the areas of shoe care and shoe shine. The user of our shoe polishes, shoe brushes and shoe care products should be able to work more easily and ultimately achieve an excellent result. In the case of smooth leathers, it is usually the shine of the shoe that counts, rough or suede shoes should always be able to retain their velvety character and robust footwear, i.e. hiking boots, work shoes etc., must always be able to withstand the most adverse circumstances with a comfortable fit.

All Burgol shoe care products are therefore tested in practice before they are included in the range, often even by professional shoe shiners who are able to quickly find out the after- and advantages. This makes it possible for Burgol to offer only those articles which, with their specific properties, can make shoe care a small experience.

The horsehair brushes shown above, for example, offer an optimum price-performance ratio for almost the entire smooth leather care process: The short, hard but by no means scratchy dust brush with a hair length of 15 mm removes any superficial dirt with just a few sweeping hand movements. The polishing brushes with 22 and 30 mm hair length have a much softer effect on the leather and thus ensure a beautiful shine. They are all made in Germany from local beech wood, hold for years due to the high manufacturing quality as well as selected basic materials and naturally lie ergonomically in the hand, which saves a lot of energy when shining shoes.

The Premium Polishing Cloth 40 x 40 cm

If you now add the Premium Polishing Cloth as a second example of well thought-out shoe care products, all you need is shoe wax and Premium Schuhpomade and the basis for the complete care of smooth leather shoes has been laid. Because the Premium Polishing Cloth is lint-free, has a comfortable size of 40 x 40 cm and can be used for polishing as well as applying shoe polish without any problems.


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